Kindergarten students do not need to be met by parents/guardians at bus stops. If a student is hesitant to get off the bus, he/she will be returned to school and the parent will be contacted to pick up the student at school.


School bus drivers will activate red flashing lights and stop signal arms at all bus stops where pupils are loading or unloading from a school bus with the following exceptions: school bus loading zones on or adjacent to school grounds; during activity trips; where the school bus is disabled; where pupils require assistance to board or leave the school bus; where the roadway surface is covered by snow and ice and requiring traffic to stop would create a hazard; on a state highway with a posted speed of 55 mph or higher; where the school bus is completely off the highway; or any location determined by the District, with the approval of the California Highway Patrol, to present a traffic or safety hazard.


Because students’ behavior on the school bus can directly affect their safety and the safety of others, the following regulations apply at all times when students are riding a school bus, including school field trips.

• Riders must wear seat belt at all times on busses equipped with seat belts. Failure to do so will result in a suspension of bus riding privileges. 
• Riders shall follow the instructions and directions of the bus driver at all times.

• Riders should arrive at the bus stop five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick-up time and stand in a safe place to wait quietly for the bus. 

• Riders shall enter the bus in an orderly manner and go directly to their seats.

• Riders shall remain seated while the bus is in motion and shall not obstruct the aisle with their legs, feet, or other objects. When reaching their destination, riders shall remain seated until the bus stops, and only then enter the aisle and go directly to the exit. 

• Riders should be courteous to the driver and fellow passengers.

• Because serious safety hazards can result from noise or behavior that distracts the driver, loud talking, laughing, yelling, singing, whistling, scuffling, throwing objects, smoking, eating, drinking, standing, changing seats, inappropriate sexual conduct and indecent exposure are prohibited actions which may lead to suspension of riding privileges. 

• No part of the body, hands, arms, or head should be put out of the window.

• Nothing shall be thrown in or from the bus. 

• Riders shall help keep the bus and the area around the bus stop clean.

• Riders shall not damage or deface the bus or tamper with bus equipment.

• Animals, reptiles, or insects shall not be allowed on the bus.

• Glass containers or inflated balloons shall not be allowed on the bus.

• Riders should be alert for traffic when leaving the bus. 

• No weapons, imitation firearms, or dangerous instruments shall be allowed on the bus. 

• No drugs shall be used or carried on the bus.

• No use or possession of tobacco or any product containing tobacco or nicotine shall be allowed on the bus.

• Riders who fail to comply with the above rules shall be reported to district staff who shall determine the severity of the misconduct and take action accordingly. In the case of a severe violation or repeated offenses, the rider may be denied transportation for a period of time determined by the district staff, in accordance with District Policy, up to the remainder of the school year. 



Elementary (Grades K-6)
Normally, for minor offenses the elementary student will be given a verbal warning for the first offense. If a student fails to respond to a verbal warning, a written Notice of Unsatisfactory Conduct will be issued as a written warning and the parents will be notified by mail. For students who continue to misbehave after receiving a warning, a Notice of Unsatisfactory Conduct will be issued and the following penalties will apply:

First offense after a warning: Three (3) days’ suspension of bus riding privileges 

Second offense after a warning: Five (5) days’ suspension of bus riding privileges 

Third offense after a warning: Ten (10) days’ suspension of bus riding privileges 

Fourth offense after a warning: Thirty (30) days’ suspension of bus riding privileges. 

Fifth offense after a warning: Complete revocation of bus riding privileges. 

NOTE: Suspension or revocation of bus riding privileges does not relieve the parent of the responsibility to ensure the student attends school. School attendance in the State of California is compulsory through age 18.

Secondary (Grades 7-12)
Secondary school students (grades 7-12) may not receive a warning notice and sanctions may begin a suspension for the first offense. It is assumed that secondary students are capable of greater self-control than elementary students.


Grades K-12
For major offenses indefinite suspension of bus privileges, complete loss of bus privileges, or expulsion from school may result from the first offense. Infractions of the following rules are major offenses:

• Failure to use seat belt 

• Open defiance or directing obscenities, profanities, or racial slurs at the bus driver. 

• Fighting. (Fighting is automatic suspension for all participants regardless of fault). 

• Failure to provide your name to the driver when asked or giving a false name. 

• Engaging in any act that seriously jeopardizes the safety of anyone on the bus. 

• Smoking - anything. 

• Bringing weapons - knives, guns, razors, laser pointers, nam chaku sticks, (or look-alikes), etc. on the bus. 

• Opening any emergency exit (except in an emergency) or exiting by any emergency exit or window. 

• Bringing controlled substances - narcotics or other drugs, explosives, fireworks, or alcoholic beverages on the bus. 

• Engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior or indecent exposure. 


Students are cautioned against entering the Danger Zone which is the area twelve feet around the school bus. Students exiting the bus should remain in the clear view of the bus driver. Students are expected to travel directly home from the bus stop.