All students should arrive at their bus stop no earlier than ten (10) minutes before the scheduled stop time. Students should be at their bus stop no later than five (5) minutes before their scheduled pick-up time. Since all buses are scheduled for more than one school, on-time departures are essential. Once the bus is in sight, students should line up and be ready to board. Those students not ready to board or arriving late may be left. 



RUSD operates a parent-paid home-to-school transportation program. However, no fees are charged for elementary-aged students eligible for home-to-school transportation. Additionally, the District only provides home-to-school transportation for middle and high school students living greater than 10 miles from their assigned school. Parent-paid transportation fees are applicable to middle and high school students based on the fee schedule below.

• Miller Special Consideration Closed for 2014-2015 School Year.