Providing outstanding construction project oversight to our clients in a timely and fiscally responsible manner is the mission of the Facilities Projects Department. The department acts as the project manager for all district construction projects, while supervising architects, construction managers, contractors, and state inspectors of record. With excellence, the Facilities Projects Department has managed over $600 million in modernization or new construction projects over the last ten years. This building has yielded an improved educational environment for over 1.25 million square feet of the Riverside Unified School District. Measure B has funded: 39 modernization projects, 9 new schools, 4 multi-purpose additions, 8 wing additions, a district-wide phone system, and a myriad of other small projects. Financial stewardship is another significant objective in which RUSD has excelled. During the course of expending construction funds, change order costs have averaged two percent. In addition, the careful execution of projects has resulted in negligible levels of construction claims. Measure B enabled RUSD to provide these world-class instructional spaces for our students. Planning, constructing and delivering schools which our community enjoys and appreciates gives us a tremendous sense of pride.

Sergio San Martin and Facilities Projects provide the staff support necessary for the Citizen’s Oversight Committee meetings. Presenting reports, photographs, schedules, and facilitating tours of completed projects allows the Citizen’s Oversight Committee to thoroughly review projects for conformance.

In the role of project manager for RUSD construction activities, the Facilities Projects Department manages purchase order and fund disbursement, monitors project schedules and project educational specification conformance; corrects construction defects; oversees design errors and omissions; and ensures the projects are constructed within budget. As district liaison with the contractor, the department authorizes adjustments to plans and supervises the implementation of changes. The group is both conscientious and frugal, seeking opportunities to maximize the value in each project, achieving both quality and value in facilities that will serve today’s students and future generations.