High School

In 9th grade, the Riverside Community Health Foundation’s (RCHF) will present their Comprehensive Sexual Health Education presentations through PE classes over four days.

Day 1 - Drugs and Other Substances
Day 2 - Reproductive Anatomy, Gender, Birth Control, Emergency Contraception, Post-Pregnancy Options
Day 3 - HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections
Day 4 - Healthy Relationships, Sexual Abuse and Violence, Sexual Harrasment, Sex Trafficking

High School Curriculum Schedule

RCHF Presentations Outline

Presentations Alignment with AB 329

 Middle School

In 7th grade, RUSD science teachers will instruct comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education using the Positive Prevention Plus curriculum for approximately 10 days. For more information about Positive Prevention Plus, please visit their website:

Positive Prevention Plus' Middle School Curriculum Preview

Middle School’s Scope and Sequence (Coming Soon)

 Elementary School

Elementary sites will continue to offer Family Life instruction through the Healthy Me video series in 4th-6th grade. In 4th grade, students will watch: Good Hygiene and Having a Positive Body Image. In 5th grade, students will watch: Looking Ahead: About Boys and Looking Ahead: About Girls. In 6th grade, students will watch: The New Me: About Boys and The New Me: About Girls. These videos are not a new curriculum. Our district has been using these videos since 2009.

Elementary School’s Scope and Sequence (Coming Soon)

 Previewing Materials

Parents/guardians have the right to preview the curriculum before instruction begins and have the right to opt their student out of sexual health education.

Dates to Preview Materials: TBD

 Opting Out

Students will receive an informational letter with (1) dates to preview the curriculum and (2) the opt out form. Signed forms must be returned to the student’s teacher. For more information, visit the Opting Out of Instruction page.