Summer School Information 2019

7:30 AM - 2:15 PM

Summer Sessions:
June 3, 2019 - June 14, 2019: Session 1
June 17, 2019 - June 28, 2019: Session 2

School Locations:
Arlington High School
Poly High School 
Hybrid Learning Online

Locator List/Waitlist:
Locator List Session 1 (see Course, Teacher, and School Location)
Locator List Session 2 (Tentative)
Wait List Session 1 (see position on waitlist)
The locator list is sorted by student ID number and is 84 pages long.  When the page opens used the 'Find' command (Ctrl + F PC or CMD + F Mac) and enter the student's ID number to search for their entry.

If you cannot find your ID number on either the Locator or Wait List then you do not currently have a summer school enrollment.  You will need to go to either Arlington or Poly on the first day of the session (Session 1 - June 3rd, Session 2 - June 17th) to get added on a space available basis.

Summer Enrollment:
Deadline for Summer School Applications: Friday April 12, 2019
Deadline for Waitlist: Wednesday May 22, 2019
     Any student not enrolled by these deadlines will need to be at Arlington or Poly on the morning of Monday June 3, 2019 to try to add a course.  Summer school has limited seats available and it is possible not all students seeking a summer course will be able to do so.  Any available seats will be distributed to students currently on the waitlist first and then to those that add the morning of based on a first come first in basis.

On Monday June 3rd only first session courses (first semester content) will be process.  Contact the summer school offices of each school for information on adding a second session course only.

Attendance Requirements:
Students can miss up to the equivalent of one school day per summer session.  Students that are absent more than one day (for ANY reason) will be dropped from summer school.  Students dropped from first session may still attend the second session.

Hybrid Learning (Online Classes):
Students are required to be present the first day of summer school (or the first day of second session if only taking a second semester course).  Students will need to verify they can log into the online system, receive a course syllabus, and enter contact information onto an online form.  Students must also be present to take a proctored final exam for each summer session.  Students must pass the final exam in order to pass the course and receive credit.  Teachers will be available daily in the Online Learning Lab.  Lab hours are 7:30AM - 2:00PM.

Online Learning Labs:
Arlington: Room G-9
Poly: Room 105

You can contact the Hybrid Learning office by calling (951) 789-5690 x62212.

Arlington High School
2951 Jackson Street
Riverside, CA 92503
(951) 352-8316

Poly High School

5450 Victoria Ave
Riverside, CA 92506
(951) 788-7203