Middle School Menu

Start Your Day With Breakfast--- 

Too late for breakfast at home? Join us for a nutritious breakfast in the cafeteria. Choose a complete hot breakfast if you have the time, or if you’re in a hurry and need breakfast on the go try a “Grab ‘n’ Go” Breakfast of a bagel and cream cheese, yogurt, granola or cereal bars, or a muffin. Fresh fruit and fruit cups are also available at breakfast.


Breakfast Menu- 5 Week Cycle


Lunch is Served!

What’s great about lunch at the middle and high schools? Daily Barbecues and over ten different entrees to choose from, your student is sure to find something they are eager to try! Students can select from a menu of healthy choices at the Lunch Box, grilled favorites at the daily outdoor BBQ, or tastes from around the world at the Food Court scramble area. What’s cooking on the barbecue? Every day our barbecue offers delicious burgers, Rib B Qs, chicken patties, spicy links and hot dogs. All entrees are served with a choice of a fruit cup, fresh fruit, or fruit juice, small salad or carrots, and milk. The food courts offer Asian, Italian and Mexican cuisine, reflective of our community culture. We don’t have long lines; there are several open windows and points of sale offering faster and better service. Click on our Fresh Express menu for a description of the selections and their nutritional analysis.

Lunch Menu- 5 Week Cycle or Visti

Week 1 Cycle
Week 2 Cycle
Week 3 Cycle
Week 4 Cycle
Week 5 Cycle

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