Pupil Services Functions

Pupil Services functions include, but are not limited to:

assistance to schools with attendance cases

  • conducting casework through parent conferences, home calls, preparation of reports, monitoring of attendance
  • serving on School Attendance Review Board
  • assisting schools with preparation for DA truancy mediation meetings

assistance to schools with disciplinary cases

  • involvement with students and their families through the expulsion process until readmission of the student
  • referral to alternative placement pending board of education action
  • monitoring of progress toward completion of readmission conditions
  • other casework follow-up 
  • processing of open enrollment, intra- and interdistrict transfers
  • implementation of the Home/Hospital Temporary Disability Program
  • issuance of work permits for out of school youth
  • processing documentation to establish students residence with someone other than the parent
  • address verification
  • reviewing suspensions and notices of truancy
  • compiling crime report statistics
  • disseminating juvenile court notices and student detention status
  • interpreting Education Codes, district policies, procedures, rules and regulations and other laws
  • hearing suspension appeals
  • providing inservices
  • child abuse reporting
  • suspension/expulsion
  • Administrative Hearing Pane