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  What is the Local Control and Accountability Plan?

Each local educational agency (e.g. a school district. charter school, or county office of education) in California is required by law to develop a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) document, containing locally generated goals that are in alignment with eight state priorities. From the inception the State Board of Education required these goals to be achieved within a three-year time period. In past years, school boards were required to review and, if necessary, amend their goals annually. Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, the California State Board of Education transitioned to true three-year goals, in which the goals would remain unchanged over the three-year period, as districts measure progress toward meeting the goals. The intermediate goals, or actions and services, and the measures of success, or metrics, are reviewed annually and adjusted as necessary. Riverside Unified School District is currently in Year 1 of our three year plan.



Goal One
Goal One
​Provide high quality teaching and learning environments for all students.

Goal Two
Goal Two
​Prepare all students to be college, career and world ready upon graduation.

Goal Three
Goal Three
​Fully engage students, parents and the community in support of short and long term educational outcomes.


Our Community Advisory Committee consists of parents, community members, and district representatives who meet periodically to review and provide input to the RUSD Local Control and Accountability Plan.

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