Dual Language Immersion Application

Making the decision to enroll a child in a Dual Language Immersion program is a personal one and may not be right for all families.  The program encourages interested parents to take some time and learn more about how Dual Language Immersion works, its level of success across the nation and in our own district, and the type of commitment involved for both students andDual language Immersion program parents.   We suggest parents peruse the internet, for example, and read about other programs and recent research.  We invite them to talk with other parents who are already participating in a program, or to visit one of our DLI schools and see Dual Language Immersion in action. At a minimum, we ask parents to do the following:

1. Review The Dual Language Immersion Parent Handbook and/or the Frequently Asked Questions document. (posted soon).  It is critical that you are familiar with the program and the application process.

2.  Research our DLI schools, through the links HERE. Find out where they are located in the city, and their Start and Dismissal times. Talk with your family about transportation  and/or   childcare issues, if applicable.  Read about the schools and see which would be a good fit for your family.  Not all of them may be right for you.

3.  Determine which site, or sites, you'd like to apply to.  There is no point in applying to schools that will not meet your needs, or that you do not wish to attend.  Also, during the lottery process, your child could be placed at
any one of the schools on your application, so you want to make sure each school you list is a workable option for your family.

4.  If at all possible, attend a Dual Language Immersion Parent meeting.  CLICK HERE FOR MEETING DATES.

5.  If you cannot attend a meeting, download and view the DLI Parent Information meeting powerpoint. (To be posted in October)

Application for Fall 2018-2019
Link to the online application will not be posted until Nov. 1, 2017

Application for Fall 2017-2018
Application window is now closed.  However, there are still spots available at all sites for Spanish or Bilingual speakers. Some English spots are still available at Longfellow and Fremont Elementary sites.  Click HERE for application to the waitlist.