Energy Management & Conservation

Energy Management
Efficient and effective use of energy can help optimize the teaching, learning and working environment while minimizing the cost of operations. Every dollar saved on utilities in the general fund can be redirected toward advancements in the provision of education.
RUSD’s energy management program began in 2009. Although it has undergone many changes, can boast a current program cost avoidance of 25% for a total of $22.3 million. Even after three consecutive years of utility rate increases.
Currently RUSD employs one AEE certified Energy Manager and over 30 skilled technicians in fields ranging from electro-mechanical to plumbing and irrigation. Regular maintenance and repair is just as critical as planning and strategy to a successful program.
Technologies such as robust building automation systems, smart irrigation controls, VFD’s, low flow flush valves and faucets, are leveraged across the district to enhance precision use and close the gap in the consumption to need ratio.
Water is not considered “energy” however, it is integral in utility cost analysis and the district budget. Even though it does not qualify as energy, it still requires as much attention as electric or gas. Below is a quick look at the 2019-2020 RUSD energy profile.

Graph of Energy and Cost Percentages