Mechanical Trades

Electrical, plumbing and heating and air conditioning systems are the primary responsibility of the Mechanical Trades group. In sunny southern California, making sure the Districts 4,300 air conditioners are working can mean the difference between success in the classroom and miserable, sticky restless students.

Classroom performance is also directly linked to lighting and Mechanical Trades makes sure that the lights are on, all 62,000 of them.

Mechanical Trades is also at the heart of RUSDs Central Energy Management System, a central facility that controls air conditioning and exterior lights so that the Districts energy consumption is efficiently managed and costs are controlled District-wide. That means reducing the 33 million kilowatt hours of electricity used each year and lowering RUSD’s $348,000 monthly electric bill.

Mechanical Trades can point to the following success stories as evidence of their seriousness about their mission: