Custodial / Grounds

The maintenance of 240 acres of turf, and the maintenance and repair of all hardscape including planters, sidewalks, and parking lots falls under Custodial/Grounds responsibilities. A special part of maintaining school sites is providing an integrated pest management service that relies heavily on prevention and removal of attractants, and uses very few chemicals.

Custodial/Grounds works to integrate all new facilities and retrofit older facilities so that outdoor irrigation is managed through a central system, allowing RUSD not only to conserve by as much as 50% but costs for water. Every year, Custodial Grounds works to reduce the 321 million gallons of water RUSD uses and lower the average monthly $57,000 water bill.

The group also implements the Districts Waste Management Program, operating three trash trucks serving 50 sites daily and hauling more than 5,200 tons of trash per year.

By hauling the Districts trash to a Materials Recovery Facilities instead of a landfill, Custodial/Grounds is working to reduce RUSDs waste by 50%. A new pilot program placing `blue box` recycling containers in classrooms is underway. If successful the program will further reduce the Districts waste stream while achieving important environmental benefits through recycling. Already, RUSD is recycling 8 tons of cardboard a week through the efforts of Custodial/Grounds.

The following recent projects demonstrate Custodial/Grounds commitment to excellence:

Stadium and Field Improvements