Step 1: View Current Classified Vacancies on this web site here.

Step 2: Complete an Application Packet on the EdJoin website (

Riverside Unified School District is no longer accepting paper applications. Please submit all of your documents through EdJoin. If you need assistance, have a problem with scanning your attachments, or any other questions, please call the help desk at EdJoin (888)-900-8945. Riverside Unified School District will not accept attachments via fax or email.

You are encouraged to submit a résumé, letter(s) of recommendation, and professional references in addition to a District application through EdJoin. If additional requirements are needed for the position you are applying for, you will need to submit the appropriate documentation along with the application.

Please Note: Testing and personal interviews are a part of the total selection process. Applications are reviewed to determine the most suitable candidates for current and anticipated vacancies. Applicants will be selected for an interview only after all supporting documents have been reviewed and the candidate has successfully passed any written test.

Application must be submitted via the EdJoin website

After a conditional offer of employment, applicants will be required to bear the cost of all pre-employment processing which may include: physical examinations, drug/alcohol screening, TB screening questionnaire, and fingerprinting. Additionally applicants will be required to complete/participate in the following: AB1432 Mandated Reporting training, Safety training, and Technology Acceptable Use.

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