State of the District

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Our annual State of the District Update is one of many ways RUSD strives to inspire and cultivate champions for our District, as well as build upon our strong community partnerships.

The goal of this event is to update you on what RUSD is currently planning and to connect you to helpful resources that can meet you where you are now.


Ms. Renee Hill

photo of superintendent Hill

Mr. Brent Lee
Board President

brent lee

Dr. Angelo Farooq
Board Vice President

Angelo Farooq

Mr. Dale Kinnear
Board Clerk

Dale Kinnear

Mr. Tom Hunt
Board Member

tom hunt

Ms. Kathy Allavie
Board Member

Kathy Allavie

Corina Jaimes, Abhinav Reddy, Loryn Briscoe
Student Board

student board

Dr. Dan Sosa
Asst Supt - Tk-12 Instruction

Dan Sosa

Dr. Jaqueline Perez
Asst Supt Equity, Access & Community Engagement

Jackie Perez

Dr. Katarina Schanz
Director - Wellness & Engagement

Katarina Schanz

Kristian Sorensen
Principal - Riverside Virtual School HS

Kristian Sorensen

Gabriela Alonso
Coordinator - Family Resource Center

gabi alonso

Steve Dunlap
Director - ILE & Tech Services

steve dunlap

Hayley Calhoun
Principal Liaison - Professional Growth Systems

Hayley Calhoun

Download the RUSD 2022-23 At-A-Glance Booklet