Employee Recognition 2022

employee recognition 2022

The Riverside Unified School District would like to thank all our classified support staff for dedicating your services to the District by providing the necessary support needed to educate our students, and providing quality customer service to our staff, students, parents and community members.

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thank you for all that you do

Employee of the year Lisa Steklof

Lisa Stekloff

Martin Luther King High School

Lisa Steklof began her career with Riverside Unified School District in 2006. She served as a School Office Assistant at Kennedy Elementary School, Attendance Assistant II and Middle School Principal’s Secretary at the Riverside STEM Academy. Today, Steklof is a High School Principal’s Secretary at Martin Luther King Jr. High School. In her current role, she supports a campus of close to 3,000 students, 120 teachers, and approximately 80 professional support staff.

In speaking about Ms. Steklof, the following has been said by her site administrator:

“She is a bold, powerful, and all-knowing person who works tirelessly and efficiently to keep our school running smoothly. Lisa is simply a superhero! She always has a positive attitude, she is willing to find a solution to problems, she knows all the things about the school, she comes to extracurricular functions to show her school spirit and help with supervision when needed. She is simply the best!”

Employee of the year Dave Allenbaugh



David “Dave” Allenbaugh Jr. joined the Riverside Unified School District team as a Help Desk Analyst in October 2004. Shortly after, he was promoted to Network Specialist, followed by Assistant Director of Network Systems and now serves as the Manager of Network/Computer Services. In his current role, Allenbaugh has the responsibility of managing and providing technical support and resources for users of the District’s telecommunications, network, cabling infrastructure. He also has the responsibility for functions related to the effective installation, operation, and maintenance, security and coordination of network, infrastructure related devices and servers.

To demonstrate his level of work ethic and commitment to students, the following has been said about Allenbaugh:

“When the District experiences internet outages, Dave is the first person onsite to assess, and the last person to leave. Dave has been known to be onsite until early morning hours to ensure repairs are completed accurately and students and staff have connectivity.”

Employee of the year Leticia Romero



Leticia Romero has been a member of the RUSD team for more than 16 years. Since January 2002, she has served as an Office Assistant I for the Assessment Center and Educational Options Center, Administrative Secretary I for the Riverside Adult School and the Instructional Services Division, and an Administrative Secretary II for the Innovation and Learner Engagement Department.

Currently, she is the Executive Assistant I in the Personnel Department, supporting certificated employees. In this role, she serves as an office manager providing clerical, administrative, budgetary, and payroll support to a team of 11.

Outside of her work with RUSD, Leticia and her family volunteer with the Community Settlement House Association by providing food, blankets, and clothing to the homeless.

Employee of the year Ashley fullmer



Ashley Fulmer began her career as a science teacher at Sierra Middle School. At Sierra, she served as the science department chair, AVID site team member and administrative designee.

In 2015, in addition to being recognized as the District’s Middle School Teacher of the Year, she took on an additional role as the Personalized Learning Instructional Coach in order to support the personalized learning implementation plan.

In November 2016, she became an Assistant Principal at Ramona High School before being promoted to her current position. Currently, Ms. Fulmer is the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Coordinator where she has the primary responsibility to oversee TK-12 science curriculum, instruction, and professional development.

Employee of the year Delena Wall



Delena Wall has 9 years of teaching experience. What sets Wall apart as an educator is her relentless drive to advocate for ALL children and to help them realize their self worth, and their limitless abilities.

In addition to her commitment to student learning and emotional well being, Wall is determined in her dedication towards seeking to assist any student in need of food, clothing, and any resource available to make their experience as a child as positive as possible.

She consistently leads in all directions as she collaborates with all colleagues, students, and community members towards making Liberty Elementary the best place for students.

Employee of the year KATHERINE (KATIE) RUNYAN


Sierra Middle SCHOOL

Katie Runyan has 9 years of teaching experience and with genuine care, dignity, and empathy, she reaches out to all students with a positive and proactive approach. She promotes social emotional learning at every opportunity by modeling kindness and respect and by promoting voice and choice for all students.

Runyan makes every effort to include all students by addressing barriers that may be keeping students from reaching their full potential. She leads her work through a lens of students first. She has the drive and determination to strive for continuing personal and professional growth.

Employee of the year MARIA BALCAZAR


Project T.E.A.M.

Maria Balcazar has 23 years of teaching experience. Balcazar exudes a multitude of qualities that demonstrate her dedication and leadership abilities to the adult students and staff at Project T.E.A.M.

Her compassion is visible in her daily interaction with her students and support staff as she facilitates inclusive practices to make all feel supported and included. The work she leads inspires sustained and continuing hope, and a positive influence to our city and community.

Employee of the year VICTOR CISNEROS JR.


Ramona High School

Victor Cisneros Jr. began his educational career in 2003 as a Spanish teacher at Sierra Middle School.

In 2012, he earned his start in school administration as dean of Students at Arlington High School. He was promoted to Assistant Principal at Ramona High School in 2013, where he served until his most recent promotion to Principal.

In addition to serving RUSD as an administrator and past president of the Riverside Association of School Managers, Cisneros serves the greater Riverside community through his involvement in the Riverside Chamber of Commerce and board member of the Arlington Business Council.

Employee of the year MICAH SEABROOK



Micah Seabrook has been with the Riverside Unified School District for six years as a School Psychologist serving elementary grade levels. In this role, he is visible on elementary campuses and focuses on student well-being in such a fascinating and brilliant way as he empowers each student with research-based coping skills that they can effectively use at school and at home.

Seabrook is an active member of the RUSD Crisis Response Team and is proud to serve in this role, believing that “although academic achievement is essential, one’s mental health should never be ignored.”

In addition to his work with RUSD, he has been a SolFul Summer Program Team Building Coach for the City of Fullerton since 2015.

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