Special Schools

Preschool Special Center

Riverside Unified School District has one special school campus -- Sunshine Early Childhood Center. This school offers unique curricula especially designed to meet the learning needs of the disabled preschool student. Head Start classes and the Peer Buddy Program provide peer modeling.

Project T.E.A.M. 

The Riverside Unified School District provides a life skill vocationally based curriculum to individuals with significant disabilities ranging in age from 19-22 years old. The curriculum model, Transition Education Adjustment Model, is known as Project T.E.A.M. Click HERE for more information.

Nonpublic Nonsectarian Schools

Placement in a nonpublic school is provided for those students whose educational needs cannot be met in the public schools.

State Special Schools

Special schools, for the deaf and blind operated by the California State Department of Education, sometimes serve as placement when a student's special needs warrant such a program. The California School for the Deaf - Riverside, is located in Riverside.

Individual Instruction in Home/Hospital

Disabled students who cannot profit from special class placement in the regular school setting may be placed on home instruction. The student may be provided with up to 300 minutes of individual instruction at his/her home per week. This is usually intended as a short term service until the student can be returned to a school program.

Residential Institution

When a student's problems are so severe that the child needs 24-hour care to provide an appropriate education, the student may be placed in a residential setting.