RIR Protocol

  RIR Protocol

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Epoch Education's signature framework is a tool to make difficult conversations less challenging. This protocol can be used to address equity issues, personally, interpersonally and systemically.


Recognize It - The objective is to recognize what we think, feel and believe about statements and actions that perpetuate separation, exclusion, and deficit thinking. Answering these questions helps us pause to thoughtfully respond instead of reacting. Ask yourself: How does this make me feel? What happens in my body? What does this make me think?


Interrupt It - The objective is to engage in a way that creates open, honest dialogue around difficult issues.  For example, what can I ask to understand the person's intent? How can I be empathetic as well as share how this impacts me?  How can I voice another experience? How can I share the impact something is having on me?


Repair It -  The objective is to come up with actionable steps that invite connection and inclusion, keep the issue on the table until it is resolved, and create sustainable change.
Observe, Engage, Study, and Research.