Graduation Security Protocol

Graduation Security Protocol
Posted on 05/01/2018
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Dear Parents/Guardians,

As graduations and promotions grow ever closer, we wanted to take one more opportunity to remind you that the Riverside Unified School District puts student, staff, and visitor safety first and foremost, not only during the school day, but also at special events such as graduation. This year the District has taken two major steps to enhance and standardize safety and security procedures at all high school graduations and middle school promotions. These steps include:

1. Increasing and standardizing the number of Riverside Police officers and District security staff present at each middle school promotion and high school graduation

2. Conducting bag checks for all visitors, similar to checks that take place at amusement parks, major sporting events, and large concerts

We also want to remind you that graduation ceremonies are a special time not only for the students, but also for family and friends gathered in the audience to participate in this major milestone. Every student is special. Each student’s accomplishment is to be celebrated as their name is read and as they cross the stage to receive their diploma.

Because the students are the focus, in addition to letting you know about security measures that have been put into place for graduation, we also want to remind you that the following are prohibited at graduations and promotions:

• No – Food or Drinks (unopened water bottles are ok)
• No – Alcohol or Drugs
• No – Smoking or Vaping
• No – Noise Makers
• No – Ez-ups
• No – Ice Chests
• No – Balloons
• No – Umbrellas
• No – Signs

Individuals who do not comply with these rules or who pose a safety concern will asked to leave the school grounds.

Again, graduation and promotion is a special time for students, family, friends, and staff. Thank you for partnering with us to make the 2018 graduation ceremony the safe and orderly celebration our students deserve.


Timothy R. Walker, Assistant Superintendent, Pupil Services/SELPA

Protocolo de seguridad durante la graduación