American Indian Initiative

American Indian Initiative

American Indian Initiative Graphic

The RUSD American Indian Initiative serves as the multi-phased and multi-pronged effort to:

  • Improve the quality of student learning and well-being for all across the district by guaranteeing equitable practices in all RUSD classrooms, campuses, and administrative offices.
  • Support the learning and well-being needs of Native American students and families and respond to their diverse cultural perspectives and experiences.
  • Develop, present, and advocate for a well-rounded curriculum throughout all subject areas while emphasizing positive cultural representation and highlighting the importance of cross-cultural understanding for all students.
  • Offer professional learning, development and training opportunities for all RUSD staff in Native American and California Indian history.
Key Areas


This is a collaborative effort, working hand in hand with our local tribal leaders, Native American community members, Native American students and their families. RUSD Draft Land Acknowledgement.

Policies (Laws and Practices)

Update the district policies and practices to create a safe and inclusive environment for all students, with a focus on Native American students, employees and families.

Professional Development

Provide professional development opportunities for district employees to support inclusive practices and policies that honor the rich diversity of our district and the greater region.

Curriculum & Materials

Curricular and instructional materials are updated and revised to include accurate and authentic representation of Native American culture and history. This includes the professional development associated with updated materials.

Accountability for District Climate

District administration is re-establishing and reinforcing professional behaviors that are in support of our RUSD Values.

Student Learning and Well-being

The student learning and well-being outcomes for RUSD Native American students is paramount to their success through graduation from RUSD.