Mechanical Trades Children's Wall

Painted Hands On Mechanical Trades Wall Renew Inspiration
Posted on 04/22/2017

MO Wall 5For the past three years, Riverside Unified School District has emphasized multiple leadership themes to inspire departments across the district such as The Mechanical Trades Department. RUSD has taught leaders from around the district the “Power of Team”, the “Power Within”, and the “Power of Community”. The Mechanical Trades Department embraced all three themes to build a mission statement to compliment the district’s goals of supporting every student, every day.

MO Wall 2Inside the Maintenance & Operations building, the Mechanical Trades Department has a wall that displays the camaraderie and togetherness of every staff member with a giant framed photo of the Mechanical Trades Department and a flawlessly carved Riverside Raincross with a ring of blue light around it. The giant framed photo represents the family attitude of all staff members of Mechanical Trades, and they made sure that no one was left out of the group picture. The carved Riverside Raincross is the symbol of the community within the district and pride that each staff member takes in working for Riverside.

MO Wall 2The newly added art to the Mechanical Trades’ wall was done by the children of the staff members of the department during a company barbecue. The gently printed hands serve as a reminder to any and all employees of the district that it is about “Every Student, Every Day”. A mission expressed by Dr. David Hansen, the superintendent, that has been engraved into the minds and hearts of the Mechanical Trades staff members.

Their new mission statement: “We are a dedicated team of professionals committed to superior customer service and excellence through the power of YES”