RUSD Adopts Climate Change Resolution

RUSD Board Adopted Resolution on Climate Change to Positively Affect the Environment and Prepare Students for Clean Energy Jobs
Posted on 02/19/2021
GlacierThe Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) Board of Education at its regular meeting held on February 4, 2021, adopted Resolution No. 2020/21-61 on the issue of climate change. “We need to examine the design and modernization of our campuses moving forward as we consider this growing global problem” shared Tom Hunt, President of the Board of Education. “Also, the clean energy sector continues to grow and we need to do our part in preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.”

Schools in California and nationwide have the potential to affect positive, tangible environmental change while preparing students, in their careers and civic life, to be stewards of their communities, the earth and its resources. RUSD is committed to identifying opportunities within curriculum, and providing additional learning and leadership opportunities where possible, that reflect our students’ environmental goals for their civic lives and their academic and professional careers.

There is an increasing demand for a skilled workforce in the clean energy and sustainability sectors. RUSD can help meet this demand by providing enriched learning opportunities for students to prepare them for careers in these emerging and important fields. The District will seek out creative and collaborative partnerships that connect students and staff with local community groups, business leaders, associations and city and county government in efforts to make our community more environmentally friendly and promote sustainable practices.