Classified Job Descriptions



Account Clerk I  
Account Clerk II  
Accounting Assistant - High School  
Accounting Technician  
Administrative Secretary I  
Administrative Secretary II  
Alternative Education Learning Lab Assistant  
Alternative Education Learning Lab Assistant - Electronics  
Alternative Education Learning Lab Assistant - Medical/Dental  
Alternative Education Learning Lab Asst - Office Occupations  
Alternative Education Learning Lab Assistant - Screen Print  
Alternative Education Learning Lab Assistant - Store Operator  
Alternative Education Learning Lab Assistant - Technology  
Alternative Education Learning Lab Assistant - Video Production  
Alternative Education Library/Media Assistant  
Analyst/Project Leader  
Aquatic Facility Operator  
Assessment Technician  
Assessment Technician II  
Assistant Principal’s Secretary  
Assistive Technology Specialist  
Athletic Equipment Set-up Worker  
Attendance Assistant I  
Attendance Assistant II  
Attendance Technician  
Automotive Mechanic I  
Automotive Welder Mechanic II  
Benefits Specialist  
Bilingual Assessment Center Clerk  
Bilingual Language Evaluator  
Bindery Worker I  
Bindery Worker II  
Budget Technician I  
Budget Technician II  
Business Machines Technician  
Business Services Assistant  
Buyer I  
Cafeteria Worker I  
Cafeteria Worker II  
Cafeteria Worker III  
Cafeteria Worker IV  
Campus Supervisor  
Career Guidance Assistant  
Certified American Sign Language Interpreter  
Child Welfare and Attendance Investigator  
Claims, Insurance and Facilities Use Technician  
Classified Liaison - Professional Growth Systems (PGS)  
Classified Support Mentor - Professional Growth Systems (PGS)  
Communications and Public Relations Specialist  
Communications Technician  
 Communications Trades Maintenance Worker  
Community Assistant  
Community Assistant - Bilingual  
Computer Applications Specialist - Technology Services  
Computer Operator  
Credential Technician  
Custodial Operations Assistant  
Custodial Operations Utility Worker  
Custodian - Carpet/Floor Crew  
Data Quality Technician - Human Resources/Special Education  
Data Quality Technician - Technology Services  
Digital Copy System Operator I  
Digital Copy System Operator II  
District Community Assistant - Title I  
District Receptionist  
District Records Clerk  
District Translator  
Driver/Community Assistant  
Electrical and Building Automation Control Tech  
Electronic Data Management Systems (EDMS) Records Clerk  
Electronics Technician  
Elementary Kitchen Operator  
Elementary Library Media Assistant  
Elementary School Principal’s Secretary  
Employee Benefits Assistant  
Family and Community Resource Liaison  
Family and Community Resource Liaison - Bilingual  
Food Distribution Expediter  
Food Production Equipment Technician  
Food Production Lead  
Food Production Worker  
Garment/Merchandise Graphics Operator  
General Helper I  
General Helper II  
General Maintenance Worker I  
General Maintenance Worker II  
General Maintenance Worker III  
Grant Development Technician  
Graphic Design and Digital Content Specialist  
 Grounds Equipment Operator I  
Grounds Equipment Operator II  
Grounds Maintenance Worker  
Guidance Technician  
Hardscape Technician  
Head Custodian  
Health Assistant  
Heavy Equipment and Refuse Operator  
Help Desk Analyst I  
Help Desk Analyst II  
Help Desk Analyst III  
Help Desk Assistant  
High School Principal’s Secretary  
Human Resources Assistant  
Human Resources Office Assistant  
Human Resources Technician  
HVAC&R and Building Automation Controls Tech  
Instructional Assistant  
Instructional Assistant - Bilingual  
Instructional Assistant - Computer Resources  
Instructional Assistant - Head Start  
Instructional Assistant - Infant Care  
Instructional Assistant - Preschool  
Instructional Assistant - Special Education I  
Instructional Assistant - Special Education II  
Instructional Assistant - Special Education II-Sign Language  
Instructional Assistant - Store Operator  
Instructional Media Services Assistant I  
Instructional Media Services Assistant II  
Instructional Program Assistant  
Instructional Program Technician - DHH  
Instructional Technology Technician  
Integrated Pest Management Specialist  
Integrated Pest Management Technician  
Intensive Behavior Interventions Assistant  
Inventory Control Specialist  
Irrigation Worker  
Job Development Specialist  
Lead Accountant  
Lead Custodian  
Lead Grounds Maintenance Worker I  
Lead Grounds Maintenance Worker II  
Lead Irrigation Worker  
Lead Library Media Assistant  
Lead Mail Clerk  
Lead Payroll Technician   
Lead Procurement Specialist  
Lead Team Cleaning Custodian  
Learning Management System Specialist  
M & O Specialist - Business Machines  
M & O Specialist - Carpentry Shop  
M & O Specialist - Electronic Shops  
M & O Specialist - Fleet Services  
M & O Specialist - Special Maintenance  
M & O Specialist I - Paint Shop  
M & O Specialist II - Electrical  
M & O Specialist II - HVACR & Preventive Maintenance  
M & O Specialist II - Plumbing and Aquatic  
Mail Warehouse Specialist  
Maintenance and Operations Project Coordinator  
Maintenance Coordinator-Dispatcher  
Maintenance Utility Worker  
Mechanical Trades Maintenance Worker  
Media Production Technician  
Middle School AACES Principals Secretary  
Network Technician  
Nonpublic School Agency Technician  
Nutrition Services Catering Assistant  
Nutrition Center Storekeeper/Delivery Driver  
Nutrition Services Assistant  
Nutrition Services Clerk  
Nutrition Services Systems Specialist  
Nutrition Services Utility Worker  
Nutrition Specialist  
Nutrition Specialist Assistant  
Occupational Therapist  
Occupational Therapy Assistant  
Occupational Trainer  
Office Assistant I  
Office Assistant II  
Payroll Technician  
Plumber I  
Plumber II  
Pool Technician  
Preschool Community Assistant  
Printing Technician  
Procurement Specialist  
Program Compliance Technician  
Program Technician – Assistive/Augmentative Technology  
Programmer/Analyst I  
Programmer/Analyst II  
Projects Office Assistant  
Pupil Services SELPA Technician
Pupil Services Specialist - Transfers  
Purchasing Assistant  
Refuse and Compactor Vehicle Equip Operator  
Registrar I  
Registrar II  
Reprographics Operator  
Resource Assistant  
Safety Technician  
Satellite/Delivery Operator  
School Office Assistant  
Secondary Library Media Assistant  
Senior Accounting Technician  
Senior Food Production Worker  
Senior Food Production Worker II  
Senior Job Development Specialist  
Senior Occupational Trainer  
Sign Language Interpreter  
Special Equipment Mechanic  
Special Maintenance Worker  
Speech Language Pathology Assistant  
Stockroom Clerk - Stores/Receiving  
Stockroom/Mailroom/Delivery Driver     
Student Assistant Plan (SAP) Counselor  
Student Assistant Plan (SAP) Prevention Assistant  
Student Health Care Specialist  
Transcriber - Visually Impaired  
Transportation Assistant  
Transportation Lead Person  
Use of Facilities Coordinator  
Welder Mechanic I  
Workers' Comp Technician  

Exclusion: Excluded from this bargaining unit are all positions not listed, such as substitutes, noon-duty supervisors (when the job description does not authorize or require the performance of duties other than noon playground supervision and students), district students, short-term employees, CETA employees hired on/or after September 1, 1997, management, confidential, and supervisory employees.