Management Job Descriptions

Riverside Unified School District
Manager Job Descriptions



Administrator - Program Coordinator, Pupil Services
Administrator on Assignment - College & Career Readiness (TK-12)
Assistant Central Kitchen Manager
Assistant Director, Building Trades
Assistant Director, Business Services
Assistant Director, Certificated Personnel
Assistant Director, Classified Personnel
Assistant Director, Facilities Planning & Development
Assistant Director, Facilities Projects  
Assistant Director, Grounds/Custodial
Assistant Director, Mechanical & Communication Trades  
Assistant Director, Nutrition Services
Assistant Director, Research, Assessment and Evaluation
Assistant Principal, Continuation High School
Assistant Principal, Elementary School
Assistant Principal, 50% Elementary School and 50% on Special Assignment 
Assistant Principal, High School
Assistant Principal on Special Assignment, High School
Assistant Principal, Middle School
Assistant Principal, Riverside Virtual School TK-8
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
Assistant Superintendent, Equity, Access, and Community Engagement
Assistant Superintendent. Operations
Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Leadership and Development
Assistant Superintendent, TK-12 Instruction
Business Services Specialist
Campus Manager
Central Kitchen Manager
Chief of Staff
Communications Specialist
Community Relations Manager
Contract Analyst
Coordinator, of Extended Learning Programs 
Coordinator, Career Technical Education (CTE)
Coordinator, Community Outreach
Coordinator, COVID Support and Monitoring (Temporary)
Coordinator, English Learners (K-12)
Coordinator, ERMHS/Secondary Special Education
Coordinator, Expanded Learning Programs
Coordinator, Digital Learning Initiatives  
Coordinator, Preschool
Coordinator, Pupil Services/SELPA  
Coordinator, School, Family and Community Partnerships
Coordinator, Special Programs
Coordinator, State & Federal Programs
Coordinator, STEM and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)
Coordinator, Title IX and Compliance
Coordinator, Virtual Schools
Credential Analyst  
Deputy Superintendent
Digital Learning Specialist
Director II, Risk Management
Director III, LCAP & Community Engagement
Director III, Nutrition Services
Director III, Professional Growth Systems (PGS) and Support
Director III, Purchasing  
Director IV, Adult and Alternative Ed
Director IV, Alternative Education
Director IV, Curriculum & Assessment
Director IV, English Learners & Professional Development
Director IV, Mental Health & Psychological Services
Director IV, Facilities, Planning and Development
Director IV, Public Information & Communications
Director IV, Pupil Services
Director IV, Technology Services
Director IV, Wellness and Engagement 
Director V, Business Services
Director V, Classified Personnel
Director V, Certificated Personnel
Director V, Elementary Education
Director V, Public Information & Communications
Director V, Innovation & Learner Engagement/Technology Services
Director V, Instructional Services 7-12
Director V, Maintenance, Operations & Transportation
Director V, Research, Assessment, Evaluation and Technology Services
Director V, SELPA
Drop Out Retention Specialist
Early Childhood Services Specialist
Energy Manager 
Elementary Professional Growth Systems Principal
Executive Assistant I (Confidential)
Executive Assistant II (Confidential)
Executive Director, Riverside Educational Enrichment Foundation (REEF)
Facilities Analyst
IEP Facilitator
Instructional Design Specialist 
Instructional Services Specialist
Instructional Services Specialist, Digital Learning & Stem
Instructional Services Specialist, Expanded Learning Program
Instructional Services Specialist, Tk-6 - ELA
Instructional Services Specialist, 7-12 - ELA & ELD
Instructional Services Specialist, History - Social Studies
Instructional Services Specialist, 7-12 Career and College Readiness
Instructional Services Specialist-Innovation
Instructional  Services Specialist, 7-12 - Mathematics
Instructional Services Specialist, TK-6 - Mathematics
Instructional Services Specialist, TK-12 Science
Instructional Services Specialist - Research, Assessment & Evaluation (RAE)
Manager of Systems
Manager, Business Services
Manager, Computer Applications
Manager, Fiscal Services - Attendance/Accounting
Manager, Foster, Homeless, and At-Risk Youth 
Manager, Grants & Project Development
Manager, Instructional Technology
Manager, Network/Computer Services
Manager, Transportation 
Network Specialist
Operations Manager, Maintenance & Operations
Operations Manager, Nutrition Services
Principal, Continuation
Principal, Elementary School
Principal, High School
Principal, Middle School
Principal, STEM Academy
Principal/Coordinator, Special Education
Professional Growth System Principal Liaison
Professional Growth Systems, Support Principal
Program Specialist
Resolution Officer
Riverside Virtual School, Secondary Principal
Secondary Professional Growth Systems Principal
Software Engineer
TK-8 Virtual School, Assistant Principal
Virtual Assistant Principal, High School 
Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Specialist