Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching


What is Coaching?

A results-oriented partnership involving a thought-provoking, creative process that inspires participants to maximize their potential and engagement. The coach provides individual coaching, small group coaching, as well as wellness practices to support well-being. The coach also provides Strengths-based coaching (in which an individual is taken through the process of naming, claiming, and strategically aiming their Talents for maximum fulfillment and impact), coaching individuals and staff in building resilience, community circles to build connection and positive culture, coaching in developing soft skills such as regulating emotions, finding flow, communicating a clear vision, personal and professional goal setting, as well as Leading in 4 Directions, Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, and Outward Mindset.


Coaching exists to support the "whole people" who work in our district. No matter in what facet you serve, education is a "giving" profession. The district recognizes that in order for our students to receive the best educational experience, our employees need to be fulfilled, connected to purpose, and engaged. The Guide for Instructional Direction explicitly states that relationships are the cornerstone of healthy organizations and our work in education. The Guide celebrates the critical link between relationships, engagement, and maximizing potential at all levels. Coaching is a professional relationship designed to maximize each individual's potential.


  • To Increase levels in the following key areas:
    - Engagement
    - Strengths-based culture
    - Positive culture
    - Wellness-based culture
    - Employee retention
    - Effective Teams
    - Employee connection
  • To celebrate and support the whole person.


A participant-led approach to goal-setting and achieving, and overall well-being.


The number of coaching sessions typically range from 6-8 (but can be fewer) and are determined between participant and coach. Each session is designed to meet the goals set by participant and coach and typically lasts an hour (45-50 minutes of coaching + 10-15 minutes of review/reflection/homework).

Where is Coaching Located:

Coaching conversations most often occur at a participant's RUSD site however, they can also happen via phone, Skype/Facetime. Sometimes, an individual prefers to meet offsite in which an alternative location (such as a coffee shop) may be arranged.

How do I access Coaching?

Call or email our TOSA of Wellness and Engagement and Professional Coach, Diana Twiss at 951-352-1200, ext. 83517; [email protected]


Coaching conversations are confidential but are not protected by law.

Who is our Strengths/Professional Coach?

Diana Twiss

RUSD Teacher on Special Assignment for Wellness and Engagement
Former teacher (High School Language Arts)
M.A. in English
Finalist for CA State Teacher of the Year
500 hour certified Yoga instructor
Certified Transformational Life Coach (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts)
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach