Teacher Induction Program

Teacher Induction Program

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Riverside Unified School District's (RUSD) Teacher Induction program is committed to providing an effective transition into teaching for both California teachers and out-of-state or out-of-country teachers who possess a preliminary credential. Focused on disrupting patterns of inequality within classrooms to ensure the achievement of all California public school students, RUSD's Induction Program supports college and career readiness for all students by assisting its candidates in successfully meeting the needs of their culturally, linguistically, and academically diverse classrooms.

Educators possessing a preliminary credential (that requires induction to clear) in the authorization areas of multiple subject, single subject (with the exception of Career Technical Education), mild/moderate, moderate/severe, and/or Early Childhood Specialist will be admitted to the induction program. The program admits candidates on a year-round basis: educators hired late in the school year or currently employed interns who have transitioned to their preliminary credential are accepted. Educators transferring in from other California induction programs are also accepted: credit will be given for their previous work upon receipt of the transportability document from their prior program.

Candidates’ progress toward meeting the requirements set forth in their digital portfolio are carefully monitored throughout their time in induction. Thrice-yearly (for Year One) and twice-yearly (for Year Two) credential advice and assistance meetings with program staff, the assigned mentor/support provider, and a candidate ensures clarity among all parties in regard to successful program completion. During these meetings, in a candidate-led conference format, candidates present their current work on their Individual Learning Plan and supporting evidence. Program staff note progress towards requirement completion on Credential Requirement Databases. Program staff are additionally available to review a candidate’s progress on completion of their requirements at any time during the induction period.

At the conclusion of the two-year induction period (or one year for Early Completion Option candidates), an exit credential meeting is scheduled with program staff, the assigned mentor/support provider, and a candidate. In a candidate-led conference format, candidates present a final overview of their Individual Learning Plans and posted evidence of the impact of their instruction on student achievement. If all program requirements have been met, that completion is then recorded on the candidate’s Credential Requirement Database and the program director signs a 41-Induction Form that is then sent to the appropriate credential technician in RUSD’s Department of Personnel. That credential technician then initiates the online credential recommendation process.

The current Teacher Induction Handbook is linked under Candidate Resourecs below.  In addition, click on the titles below to go directly to the following sections:
Design of RUSD's Induction Program
Admissision, Enrollment, Assignment of Support Teachers to Candidates
Program Completion
Early Completion Option
Individualized Mentoring and Support
Individual Learning Plan Goals Non Evaluative Purpose
Transfers to Other Induction Programs
Removal from Program for Lack of Program Completion
Lawful Employment Practices (Grievance Process)
Teach Out Plan
Candidate Records Management, Access, and Security

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