Public Records Request

Public Records Request

Under the California Public Records Act (CPRA), a request can be made for public records. Please review the following information, so that we can handle your request efficiently and in a timely manner.

How should I communicate my request?

There are several ways to communicate your request:

  • Via email to [email protected]
  • By phone at 951-352-1200
  • Via fax at 951-274-4202
  • Via US Postal mail sent to:
    Mr. Raul Ayala, Director of Pupil Services
    Riverside Unified School District
    5700 Arlington Avenue
    Riverside CA, 92504
Is there a preferred way of sending my request?

We accept all forms of communication; however, it is helpful that we have it in writing sent via email. Sometimes retrieval of the records comes from different offices, and the written communication ensures there is consistent communication, and we are sure to retrieve the correct records.

What information do I need to provide to fulfill the request?
  • Provide name and/or address for the records to be sent
  • Let us know the method you would like the records sent (e.g., email, US Mail, Fax, etc.)
  • A clear description of the records you are requesting
After I send you the PRA request, how soon will I get the records?

We will respond within 10 days of your request acknowledging that we have received your request. Often, we are able to send the records with the “initial response”. Depending on the size of the request, it may take a little longer to retrieve the records. In our first response to you, we will provide you with an estimated date that you will receive the requested records.